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2013 BEST DENTIST Awards

515 Bethel Road
Clinton, Tennessee, 37716

Meet Dr Michael B Beeler

Meet Dr Michael B Beeler

Voted Top Dentist in Knoxville TN Meet Dr Michael B Beeler Masterpiece Smiles Halls Norris Lake City Oak Ridge Powell Clinton No pain dentistry whitening weddings The first time you meet Dr Michael B Beeler, he will become your favorite dentist. Throughout my 36 years as a dentist, the people around me have made my profession more than just a job. I have had the privilege to work with some of the best people in the world. I had great teachers at the University of Tennessee at Martin where I did my undergraduate work, as well as at the UT campus in Memphis where I achieved my Doctorate of Dental Surgery. I credit the stellar collection of mentors with whom I've worked for the dedication to excellence I practice every day. I have worked with a diverse range of dentists from around the country with organizations including the Pankey Institute in Miami. Working with these incredible dentists taught me to appreciate every phase of the art of cosmetic smile enhancement. I hone my craft in straightening, whitening, shaping, replacing, veneering, crowning, bridging, implanting, and removing teeth to provide the strongest, healthiest mouth to each of my patients. My practice also allows me to work alongside a team of wonderful women who have the best rapport with patients I have ever seen. I am proud of how well my team gets to know patients, educate them about their options for treatment, and lead them to the best options for dental care. Helping people is a great way to stay connected with my community and there's nothing better than seeing a patient's eyes light up when my staff and I give them their new smile. I make sure to keep things fun and relaxing in my practice. I think of what kind of experience I would want for myself and provide that for my patients. Visitors to my practice enjoy the company of the birds in the flower garden just outside the windows of our treatment rooms, catch up on their favorite shows on each room's TV, or even use the in-room Internet access to surf around on YouTube for funny videos. All of these amenities, plus our friendly staff and continued dedication to excellence, make a visit to Masterpiece Smiles something to look forward to. I wouldn't have it any other way! View Pics of  Dr. Beeler, The Team & View Our Office Check out our Facebook Page Meet Dr Michael B Beeler

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